Be Kind To Yourself 🟨

A brutal puzzle arcade game.

Gotta Bounce 🐙

A sidescroller possible only on Playdate!

Stars of the Screen

A game of relaxing, loading and… puzzling!

Kye for Playdate 🟢

An action-puzzle classic, brought to Playdate in a collab with Matt Sephton.

Nice things people said

Two badges with a crank and year 2022.

Stars of the Screen was nominated in The 2022 Playdate Community Awards in two categories: Artistic Visual Achievement Award in an SDK Game and Best App or Nicknack.

A sheet of nominated trailers

The first trailer for Gotta Bounce was nominated in The 2023 Playdate Community Awards in Best Playdate Game Trailer.

Playdate: The Unofficial Website called Stars of the Screen a #2 game in their 2023 Playdate Games of The Year, describing the game as:

“Truly original in a way I’ve not seen in a long time, Stars of the Screen is a big reason that I made this website, to tell people about games like Stars of the Screen.”

Logo O3C

Jonathan Dunn of O3C games called Stars of the Screen the ultimate toilet game in their 2023 End Of Year Special Podcast while also saying:

It’s so difficult to explain! (…) You just need to play around. (…) It’s the way the game subverts itself that made me smile the most. There’s always a way to interact with it, even in the menus and transitions. (…) It’s really doing something different, there always seems to be some other secret to wheedle out (…) It just couldn’t exist anywhere else, other than the Playdate. It’s brilliant.