11 Dec 2023

“Playdate: A console as an opinion” feature in the LEVEL Magazine

The editor of the Czech magazine LEVEL asked my friend to write about Playdate and they couldn’t. But I did! So here’s a six page feature about it.

Similarly as I did with my talk at Gamer Pie, I wrote about the platform but focused on the message about its community.

The piece is titled “Playdate: A console as an opinion” and boy!, so much happened since April (e.g. the whole Catalog)! It was pretty hard to feel like I provided a good intro, touched all the various things that are now happening around the platform, and did not completely exhaust the readers in the process.

A few more photos

I took the photos for the article on a rainy day, so I was a bit nervous. But I really wanted a good light. It all came out very well.

I had a few differently framed versions of this photo at first. I changed the framing after shooting maybe ten of them and then noticing a big pile of dog shit in one of the corners.

I went outside for the second time to take a few photos of Playdate next to a Gameboy Color. The rain was too much by then, though.